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Cam girl last night kept slapping her tits, funny.


You really see some strange things on cam dont you? As well as dirty sex shows you get to see men requesting all kinds of crazy stuff in public chat some times I just hang around for a laugh and see how far the girl can go. Now last night around 10 clock I logged on to mutual cam fun for a little bit of hey you know fun I saw this hot brunette just slapping her tit the more I saw her doing it the more funny I found it even though her tit was bright red from all those slaps it didn’t stop her 1 tip saw 1 slap and there were men really going for it tipping hundreds of tokens so this brunette babe had to keep slapping her tit. After around half an hour I decided to go have a little fun of my own jumped into this petite cam girls room and had my wicked way with her I think I was with her for around an hour maybe longer once finished I went to see if that hot brunette was still online and guess what she was still there slapping those titties my god she was red from those slaps she seemed to be enjoying it though, How do I know? I asked to see her pussy she gave us all a flash of her wet knickers and pussy boy she was sure getting off to all those slaps. I bet she loves being bossed around in the bedroom doesn’t she?

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